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A NGO Works With Companies to Prevent Sexual Harassment

This article, which comes out a few days after International Women’s Day (March 8), profiles path-breaking work on sexual harassment by China’s oldest and best-known women’s legal aid NGO: Zhongze Women’s Legal Aid Center, in collaboration with six Chinese companies

Sexual Harassment is a Gender Equality Issue

This article, which comes out a few days after International Women’s Day (March 8), accompanies a related article about the path-breaking work of a women’s legal aid NGO in addressing sexual harassment in China.

Guangzhou “frees” fundraisers

The Standing Committee of the Guangzhou Municipality People’s Congress passed “Guangzhou Municipality’s Fundraising Regulations” that expands fundraising activities for all social organizations and public institutions engaged in the charitable or “public welfare” field within Guangzhou.

CDB Editorial: the Public Interest and Politics

This year, counties and townships across China will elect representatives for local People’s Congress. By the end of 2012, there will be approximately two million representatives at the county and township levels.

The Garbage Crisis: NGOs’ Call to Action

This article takes a fresh look at familiar waste management issues. Given the many environmental NGOs involved, waste management has developed into a rare arena for grassroots social action

China’s Third Sector: Is it Losing its Independence?

This article addresses a long-standing but important debate over the independence of China’s NGOs. Going back to the early 1990s, China scholars have viewed Chinese NGOs as coopted by the state, unable and unwilling to play an assertive, independent role in speaking for and acting on behalf of marginalized groups