CDB Reports


NGOs call on deans to allow LGBT students groups

On the Chinese "Teacher Day", a number of Chinese LGBT NGOs sent a letter to deans of 112 universities and 211 training institutes asking them to pay more attention to LGBT students rights and allow LGBT students groups to register freely.

The AIDS Walk: Promoting Public Service in China

In this timely article, CDB Deputy Editor, Guo Ting, discusses the China AIDS Walk, a grassroots-organized public service event to call attention to discrimination against people living with HIV-AIDS.

The Beijing LGBT Center

This article profiles one of the few LGBT organizations devoted to the cultural, social and political advancement of the LGBT community. The emergence of the LGBT Center, and Aibai in Chengdu, exemplifies the emergence in China of more expressive organizations engaged in advocacy as well as service delivery.

A History of Lesbians Organizing in China

his article shows how far lesbian organizing has come in China over a short period of time, with lesbians coming together in physical and virtual venues, holding salons and conferences and forming networks with domestic and international LGBT groups.