CDB Reports


Going abroad and beyond: Wu Peng shares lessons in alleviating poverty

Editor’s Note: China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation Director of International Development Wu Peng has experience going abroad and delivering development results. As the world is still reeling from the COVID-19 pandemic and conditions threaten to slide back progress made in…

Taobao Villages as a model for the development of E-commerce in Africa

In a thought-provoking article published by China Daily in early August, the deputy director of Development Reimagined Leah Lynch argues that Taobao Villages, an e-commerce platform created and supported by China’s technology giant Alibaba, could become a model for Africa…

China Has Changed. How Should Overseas NGOs Adapt?

These are trying times for international civil society organizations in China. Burdened with administrative requirements and squeezed on the funding side, how can they continue to maintain their relevance and effectiveness?

Dollar Street – a new way to travel the world

Bill Gates recently shared his passion for the website Dollar Street. In two blog posts, the American magnate and philanthropist describes his fascination with the site, which is based on the concept of imagining that everyone in the world lives…