Narada’s Ginkgo Fellow Program becomes an independent foundation

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The new Beijing Ginkgo Charitable Foundation (北京银杏公益基金会), officially founded on July 20, will support the growth of non-profit organizations and people working in the sector. The Foundation is co-founded by the Narada Foundation, Dunhe Charitable Foundation, Xinping Foundation, and the NPO Research Center of Renmin University. The Foundation originated from the Ginkgo Fellow Program run by the Narada Foundation, a long-term project that aimed to develop leaders in the public welfare sector.

Qingzhi Zhou, honorary president of the Narada Foundation, suggested that a lack of talent is the biggest obstacle facing the development of the sector, and he hoped that the new Foundation could help more individuals to become future public welfare leaders. He also said that the program had grown inside Narada for some time, and then gradually became an independent organization. Xu Yongguang, the executive director of the Narada Foundation, pointed out that investment in philanthropy is, to some extent, like commercial investment, which means knowing the right time to exit is the most important thing. As the Narada Foundation has finite resources the board made the decision to make the Ginkgo Fellow Program independent.


In Brief

Yinxing Foundation originates from Narada Foundation’s Yinxing project. Now it is going independent.
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