Ministry of Civil Affairs launches its 9th “China Charity Award”

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The Ministry of Civil Affairs (MOCA) has started the candidate selection process for its 9th China Charity Award (中华慈善奖). According to the MOCA, it is the highest charitable award given by the government and aims to commend organizations and individuals that have made outstanding contributions to China’s public welfare sector. Since 2005, the Award has been held 8 times and awarded to hundreds of organizations and individuals. According to the MOCA’s own article on the Award, it has helped to encourage people to get involved in charity, contributed to the development of China’s public welfare sector, and promoted a harmonious society.

This year the Award will be divided into four categories: outstanding charity role models, most influential charity programs, most charitable businesses, and most charitable individuals. According to the MOCA, to ensure openness and fairness, a committee of 25 people – including representatives from the government, media, universities and NGOs – will handle the selection process. Online voting will also contribute to the selection. The selection criteria vary depending on which category the candidates are in, and where they come from. Candidates can either submit their applications through local bureaus of civil affairs or the general office of the selection committee.

Application will be open from August 1st to September 20th. For online application, candidates can go to or


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