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The China Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Annual Meeting was held in Beijing on July 25, during which the CSR Annual Meeting Blue Paper (中国企业社会责任年会蓝皮书) was released. The Blue Paper includes the 2013-2014 Report on Public Opinions of China Corporate Social Responsibility (2013—2014年度中国企业社会责任舆情报告), sponsored by Southern Weekly and Kaidi Net, and the Report on the Development of China Corporate Volunteerism (中国企业志愿服务行业发展报告), released jointly by Southern Weekly and the HCVC.

The Meeting hosted two panels. During the morning panel, titled “Sunshine, Air, and Water”, Ma Jun, director of the Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs, stressed that cooperation between the government, corporations and NGOs is crucial for a more environmental-friendly society. Wang Limin, the deputy director of SEE Ecological Association, said that environmentalists should break through the small circle and reach out to the public. He also suggested that the government should set up a national holiday to promote environmental lifestyle and to encourage people to embrace the nature. The panel in the afternoon focused on how traditional businesses can engage in social innovations. Several guest speakers pointed out the importance of innovation for CSR projects. The director of the One Foundation, Li Jing, suggested that One Foundation’s success depended on the great entrepreneurs behind it, and that the current lack of competitiveness in the NGO sector could cause serious problems in the future.

The Meeting also gave out awards of Social Responsibility Leaders of the Year to people from various sectors, including actor Chen Kun, the founder of NPI Center Lv Chao, deputy Chairman of Haier Zhou Yunjie, CEO of Danone China Zhou Tao and the vice president of Schneider Electric China Wang Jie.


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For NGOs to carry out a program successfully, they must learn how to utilize modern business techniques.
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