CDB to hold annual forum for overseas NGOs in China on December 9

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China Development Brief’s annual forum for overseas NGOs in China will be held on December 9 in Beijing. The theme of this year’s event will be “the Covid-19 pandemic: responses and coping strategies for international NGOs in China and Chinese NGOs “going out”.

This is the fifth forum for overseas NGO that our organization has hosted since 2017. The first forum was organized in July 2017, to allow overseas NGO in China to come together and discuss the challenges and opportunities brought about by the passing of the Overseas NGO Law that same year. Since then, it has turned into an annual event held towards the end of the year. You can find our reports on the previous forums here, here, here and here. The event generally gathers around 100 participants, consisting mostly of staff from international NGOs in China, but also journalists, academics and others who share an interest in these topics. The program includes talks and roundtables during which distinguished guests from the international NGO community discuss the important issues and the challenges which confront their sector.

This year the forum’s program will focus on two topics: the challenges which the Covid-19 pandemic has created for the work of international NGOs in China and how they can respond; and the activities of Chinese NGOs outside of China’s borders, which we are currently trying to map on this website. The list of speakers includes guests from major international NGOs like the Ford Foundation, Save the Children, Greenpeace and Oxfam, and important local NGOs like the Global Environmental Institute, the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, Nonprofit Incubator and many more. Click here to see the full schedule and sign up.

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