The Educational NGOs Alliance makes its debut in Chengdu

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The fourth annual conference of Chinese educational NGOs has just been held in Chengdu. Representatives from educational NGOs and educational practitioners held discussions about topics such as the dialogue between globalization and the current situation of local education, how educational NGOs help the development of rural teachers, the dilemmas and status of rural teachers, and the career development of rural teachers.


Photo of the Educational NGOs Alliance at the conference

The Educational NGOs Alliance made its debut during the conference. The Alliance is composed of nine organizations including CFPA, the 21st Century Education Research Institute, Beijing TAL foundation(北京好未来公益基金会), Beijing XDF foundation (北京新东方公益基金会), Western sunshine foundation (西部阳光农村发展基金会), Green & Shine Foundation (桂馨慈善基金会), Mengniu Dairy (蒙牛集团), Nike foundation (耐克体育公益部) and Qeeyu Education (奇育教育). According to the keynote speech given by Chen Hongtao, the deputy secretary of CFPA, the Educational NGOs Alliance aims to become an explorer of innovative educational modes and a promoter of policy advocacy. At the same time as it seeks solutions to educational problems in order to ensure the fairness and efficiency of public finance expenditure, it helps the community and provides professional services for education in rural areas.