China’s Child Safety Emergency Response platform has gone online

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China’s Child Safety Emergency Response(CCSER儿童失踪预警平台)went online on its Wechat Platform on November 20th, Universal Children’s Day. The Zhongshe Social Work Development Foundation(中社社会发展基金会)and Tencent Charity jointly held a press conference for the launching of CCSER, which was initiated on May 25th 2015. CCSER was built based on strong Wechat network data and GIS technology. Once parents have completed their identity authentication on CCSER, if their kid gets lost, related information will be released and the system will go to work to find their child. The extensive coverage of the platform makes it possible to make the most of the “Golden Three Hours” for the rescue of lost kids.

In the past, it was very difficult for lost children to be found in China. Similar to the notion of “Amber Alert” in the US, CCSER intends to make use of social resources to help with the tracking down of lost kids. Although it has just been launched, CCSER has already won support in various circles. In order to follow CCSER, Wechat users can search “CCSER儿童失踪预警平台” on Wechat’s public platform, search for Wechat number “CCSER001” or scan the QR code. Parents are advised to complete their identity authentication promptly and create their kids’ files.