The 4th Corporate Social Responsibility Salon held in Sichuan

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  • The 4th Corporate Social Responsibility Salon held in Sichuan

On September 13th, the Western Big Businesses Forum / the 4th Corporate Social Responsibility Salon (西部大企业慈善论坛暨第四期企业社会责任沙龙), hosted by China Private Foundation Forum, was held in Chengdu. Keynote speakers of the forum include representatives from the Sichuan business circle, Dunhe Foundation (this year’s presiding organization) and China Merchant’s Charitable Foundation. It is hoped that by encouraging more business owners to participate in philanthropy, the development of the public welfare sector in southwest China will be significantly enhanced.

Chen Guangguang, dean of School of Public Affairs and Law at Southwest Jiaotong University, presided over the forum. He said that private foundations in China have developed rapidly since 2008, and they are now working in various areas such as disaster relief, orphan adoption, health care, community services, public culture, and environment protection. Other key speakers include Zhang Hong, general manager of Sichuan International Tendering Co.,Ltd, Li Hai, senior project manager of China Merchant’s Charitable Foundation and Huo Qingchuan, assistant secretary-general of Dunhe Foundation.