New Season of “ Nature is Speaking” launched in Chinese

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From April 20th until the end of June, the Conservation International Foundation (CI) will be releasing five new episodes of “Nature is Speaking” in Chinese. In an effort to invite the human race to listen to nature, the second season in Chinese will feature the themes of ice, homes, the coral reef, the sky and the mountains. Renowned Chinese actors and actresses Tony Leung, Chiu Wai, Sylvia Chang, Donnie Yen, Joan Chen and Feng Xiaogang have lent their voices to these natural elements as part of this campaign for the protection of the ecosystem. All the episodes will debut in the Parkview Green Mall in the city center of Beijing. Instead of news conferences, CI invites Chinese and US scientists to host a seminar on each of the five weekends to share their work on the protection of the ecosystem and help participants to restore their connection and respect for nature.

CI’s “Nature is Speaking” project started in October 2014 in the US. The aim is to speak for nature, promote conservation and pass on nature’s message to humanity – “Nature doesn’t need people. People need nature.” Up to now, its ten versions in different languages have received over 2 billion views in 33 countries. The first season in Chinese, released in Beijing in 2015, attracted much support and recognition. In the Weibo social media platform alone, it received over 10 million hits. Click here to watch Ice in Chinese, and here for the English version.