Little people perform traditional shadow puppetry

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The Beijing Longzaitian Art Troupe (北京龙在天袖珍人皮影艺术团) received an “Enterprise of Public Welfare” (福利企业) certificate from the Bureau of Civil Affairs of Beijing’s Haidian District on the 1st of April. Longzaitian is a special art troupe, whose actors are all people of short stature who perform traditional Chinese shadow puppetry (皮影戏). Formed in 2006, the art troupe coincidently found little people especially suitable for the job, because their child-like appearance makes it easier for them to gain children’s affection. The 66 actors in the art troupe, who have an average stature of 1.26 meters, have gained a great reputation despite their late entry into the industry. Receiving help from various sources, the art troupe has held many philanthropic performances, including performances in Wenquan after the earthquake, and at retirement homes.

Most of China’s 200 thousand little people face employment problems, since they are commonly rejected due to a requirement for people with a “height over 1.6 meters”. Even if they find jobs, most of them find it difficult to blend into their work environments. The Longzaitian Art Troupe has helped relieve little people’s employment problems as well as providing them with a place where they can feel at home. The certificate which the troupe has received will allow it to receive a reduced tax policy, in the hope that they will continue benefiting society.

In Brief

The Beijing LongZaiTian Art Troupe(北京龙在天袖珍人皮影艺术团) is a special art troupe with all its actors being little people who play the traditional Chinese shadow puppetry(皮影戏).
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