Free toilet paper program covers 53 Chinese schools

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On April 7th, the China Philanthropy Research Institute Toilet Culture Research Center released its periodic report on Free Toilet Paper in Campus Program in Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province. At the same time, the Toilet Culture Research Center, Qingjun, founder of Kunshan Yuting Foundation (昆山昱庭公益基金会), together with Beijing Zhongze Foundation (北京众泽公益基金会) launches a Free Toilet Paper project in Qinhuangdao as its first site in Hebei Province. Toilet paper is crucial in toilet revolution, says Wang Zhenyao, head of the China Philanthropy Research Institute, providing free toilet paper can improve public ethics, correct the faults in Chinese culture, and stimulate more public action.

The Free Toilet Paper in Campus Program is an important component of Kunshan Yuting Foundation’s Free Toilet Paper Program. The foundation focuses on public health and toilet culture and its Campus program is dedicated to promoting the equipment of free toilet paper in campuses around China. During a project, the foundation provides free toilet paper and relevant support only for one year and then the school will take over. According to the report, all the five schools that hosted pilot projects in Jiangsu Province are able to continue providing free toilet paper after the first year. Up to now, the project has already covered 53 schools and served over 100,000 teachers and students.

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