China’s Dairy Giants Compete on Sustainable Development

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In 2023, Yili Group, Mengniu Dairy, and Bright Dairy maintained their dominant positions in the dairy industry, excelling in market share and revenue generation. As the two major giants in China’s dairy sector, Yili and Mengniu engaged in intense competition. However, their competitionn extended beyond profitability and revenue growth, encompassing sustainable development initiatives influenced by the ESG trend and policies. This shift ignited efforts across the entire dairy industry, focusing on ESG practices, energy conservation, and emission reduction.

Yili Group, a constituent of the SSE 180 Index and listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, stood out as the sole company among the 27 listed companies selected by Shenwan Hongyuan Securities based on market capitalization, prominence, and sector classification to be included in the mandatory ESG disclosure list. Meanwhile, Mengniu Dairy, listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, has been publishing its sustainability reports for three consecutive years.

According to a report by 21st Century Business Herald, 27 dairy companies listed on the A-share and Hong Kong stock markets were evaluated based on market capitalization and sector classification by Shenwan Hongyuan Securities.