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China has approximately 130,000 social organizations working with minority communities
By Sun Zifa 孙自法, China News Service  中新网, December 15, 2012
At the NGOs and Minority Development Academic Conference, held by the Central University for Nationalities Chinese Minority Research Center and the Central University for Nationalities School of Management, the “Minority Communities Social Organization Development Situation and Social Function Study” was released, including data like that in the article's headline.
Has charity reached “winter,” or has trust reached “winter”?
By Zui Jiangnan 醉江南, Northeast News 东北新闻网, December 17, 2012
Discusses three scandals to hit the non-profit sector this week: a weibo post accused Wang Faye and Li Yapeng of using the Yanran Angel Foundation as a private fund, an accountant for the China Charity Aid Foundation for Children “accidently” adding a zero to their ledger, and a Chengdu Red Cross Assistant Director who obtained her position by relying on her husband's position as the Sichuan Deputy Party Secretary. 
Low-income housing project exposes AIDS applicants to community
Global Times, December 17, 2012
The personal information of two people living with AIDS was publicly posted on a street information bulletin board after they applied to rent a government sponsored apartment in Kunming, Yunnan Province, where a government official said it was strongly requested by local residents, the China National Radio reported on Sunday.
Dongguan NGO Investigation: Half of public welfare organizations are most lacking money
By Tian Lingling 田玲玲, Southern Metropolis Daily 南方都市报, December 17, 2012
Through a survey of more than ten Dongguan NGOs, discusses the major challenges facing organizations.
Bad accounting puts foundation under scrutiny
China Daily, December 17, 2012
A misplaced decimal point in its financial statement has been blamed for prompting an investigation into a children's charity, after a blogger suggested the organization could be a front for money laundering. China Charities Aid Foundation for Children, founded in 2009, has now provided a statement of its cash flow in 2011 to a third-party auditing firm in Beijing to check, in the hope of clearing its name.
Ten-fold subsidy increase for Henan AIDS patients
Xinhua, December 17, 2012
People suffering from AIDS/HIV infection in Central China's Henan, one of the provinces worst hit by the virus, are to get medical allowance ten times of the current amount, local authorities announced Monday. Monthly allowance to AIDS/HIV patients will be increased from 20 yuan ($3.18) to 200 yuan, the provincial civil affairs department said.
Ningxia awards 109 social organizations ratings of 3A and above
Ningxia News, 宁夏新闻网, December 19, 2012
Support is like sending food; one you are full, you must think of the next meal
扶持就像送饭 吃饱一顿得想下顿
Dongguan Times 东莞时报, December 19, 2012 
Commentary on the recent central government policy issuing RMB 200 million to support social organizations, cautioning that support for social organizations must center on forming sustainable relationships such as government contracting, or capacity building such as project support and personnel training.
Ningbo govt helps seniors to help themselves
By He Dan, China Daily, December 20, 2012
The government of Ningbo in East China is engaging the private sector and civil societies to provide diversified services for its aging population.
First “Religious Charity Week” donations are more than RMB 100,000
By Kang Shan 康珊, Xinhua 新华网, December 20, 2012
“Religious Charity Week,” an activity held as an effort to implement the Suggestions Regarding the Promotion and Standardization of the Religious Community's Participation in Public Welfare Charity Activities, raised more than RMB 260,000, the largest amount raised from the religious community since the 2008 Sichuan Earthquake.
Amway: Contribute where you do business
First Financial Daily 第一财经日报, December 20, 2012
Profile of the Amway Foundation, the first transnational foundation established in China in 2011, which focuses on education and childcare programming.
People's welfare investigation of the implementation of the 18th Congress Special Plan: Government releases power, the people accept it
民生调查特别策划·十八大·一线探落实:政府放权 民间接棒
By Lü Shaogang吕绍刚 and Shi Wei 史维, People's Daily 人民日报, December 20, 2012
Looks at the process of government contracting of NGO services, as NGOs accept government functions.
State firms lead way on corporate social responsibility reports
China Daily, December 20, 2012
State-owned enterprises have outperformed private and foreign-invested companies in producing and disclosing their corporate social responsibility reports. This is according to a report on Thursday by the Research Center for Corporate Social Responsibility under the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and Xinhuanet, an online news provider of the Xinhua News Agency.
Next year, government will continue to contract NGO services
By 张雪弢, Philanthropy Times 公益时报, December 21, 2012
The Ministry of Civil Affairs issued a 2013 Project Implementation Plan for the Government Financial Support of Social Organizations' Participation in Social Services on December 11.

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