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Consultative democracy should be highlighted
Xinhua, December 8, 2012
Giving consultative democracy greater play will be the least risky and most effective way of pushing forward political reform in China, said Li Changjian, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), the country's top political advisory body.
There are two major ways to represent democracy in China – one is through elections, and the other is through consulting with people from different sectors to reach the maximum consensus, Li said in an interview with Xinhua.
China's Red Cross Society sets up outsider scrutiny committee
Xinhua, December 8, 2012
The Red Cross Society of China has set up a special committee to supervise the collection and management of donation, a move to improve transparency as it suffers mistrust. The committee members were chosen from the public, including professionals, celebrities and volunteers with academic, legal, financial, medical and media backgrounds, said the RCSC said in an announcement issued via its official microblog account on weibo.com, though it did not release the names of the committee members.
Wang Zhenyao: Chinese charity is on the verge of a major change
China Entrepreneur 中国企业家, December 10, 2012
Wang Zhenyao, dean of the Beijing Normal University China Philanthropy Research Institute, gave a talk at China Entrepreneur Magazine's Twelfth Annual Chinese Entrepreneur Leadership Meeting entitled “Public Welfare 3.0: The New State of Entrepreneurial Values,” in which he discussed a “new era” for Chinese charity.
Suning Appliances: Building the CSR 3.0 Era Public Welfare Network
苏宁电器:构筑CSR3.0时代的公益网络, December 10, 2012
By Huang Yuan, Zeng Xinda 黄远 曾新达, First Financial Daily 第一财经日报, December 10, 2012
Article about the CSR activities of Chinese company Suning Appliances.
China Environmental Protection NGOs Sustainable Development Meeting Held
China Environmental News 中国环境报, December 10, 2012
The event, held in Xi'an, Shaanxi, was intended to bring environmental-protection NGOs together to discuss means for sustainable development, and included the presentation of the “2012 Environmental Protection NGO Work Report.”
Program to aid youngsters' charity work
By He Dan, China Daily, December 11, 2012
Amway Charity Foundation, a private organization set up by the health-food giant Amway China, pledged 10 million yuan ($1.6 million) to help 150 people achieve their philanthropic dreams in three years.
Income gap remains high, report shows
By Wei Tian, China Daily, December 11, 2012
China's Gini coefficient, which is commonly used as a measure of inequality of income or wealth, stood at 0.61 in 2010, much higher than the alarm level of 0.4, a report showed on Sunday.
Computerized welfare lottery sales hit 100b yuan
Xinhua, December 11, 2012
Annual sales of China's welfare lottery tickets distributed through computerized channels reached 100.1 billion yuan ($15.9 billion) by Dec 8, the lottery management authorities said Monday. A 19.99 percent year-on-year increase, the figure makes up 72 percent of the total sales of welfare lottery tickets so far this year, according to the Welfare Lottery Distribution and Management Center under the Ministry of Civil Affairs.
The cancelation of an ill migrant worker's “minimum livelihood” insurance leads to controversy
By Zhang Xingjun 张兴军, Xinhua Zhengzhou 新华社郑州, December 11, 2012
When 31-year-old migrant worker Zhang Haichao, who received compensation after contracting lung disease, purchased a car and several other products, his minimum livelihood insurance was canceled. Zhang shared his story on weibo, leading to a widespread weibo controversy.
Youths lead China's public welfare “changing of the guards”
Southern Daily (Guangzhou) 南方日报(广州), December 11, 2012
In the 2012 Public Welfare Development Report, published by the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, the Sun Yatsen University Center on Philanthropy and Southern Metropolis Daily, reports two major trends that indicate that 2012 will be a turning point for Chinese charity- the first is a dramatic increase in the number of youth interested in public welfare volunteer services, and the second is the increase in cross-field collaboration, including government contracting of NGO services and business collaborative projects with NGOs.
Dongguan will establish a social organization credibility record and transparency mechanism
Southern Metropolis Daily 南方都市报, December 11, 2012
The Dongguan Civil Affairs Bureau has announced that beginning next year, it will enact the Dongguan Social Organization Credibility System Development Work Plan, which will serve as a mechanism to encourage organizational credibility.
Criticism of consulates' charity events draws fire
By Qiu Quanlin in Guangzhou, China Daily, December 12, 2012
In an online survey on ifeng.com, a Chinese-language news portal, more than 76 percent of respondents said they support the sales, even though some counterfeit banknotes were found in a recent charity bazaar at which more than 30 consulates in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, participated.
Phoenix Finance interviews Liu Xiaoguang: He urges entrepreneurs to join Alashan; If not, he won't do business with them
凤凰财经专访刘晓光:劝企业家加入阿拉善 不加入不打交道
Phoenix Finance 华股财经, December 12, 2012
Interview with Liu Xiaoguang, founder of the Alashan SEE Ecological Association.
Guangdong “hub” organizations will receive a “transfusion”
By Li Qiang 李强, Southern Daily 南方日报, December 12, 2012
The Guangdong Party Committee and Government General Office recently released the The Provincial Social Work Committee's Suggestions Regarding the Establishment of a “Hub” Organization System, which describes a plan to develop a “Guangdong-style” hub organization system to foster and develop social organizations.
Alibaba makes online donations transparent
Southern Daily 南方日报(广州), December 13, 2012
Almost 200 NGOs have signed up for Alibaba's online donation platform, which will include details on project implementation in order to encourage public trust.
12 percent of Guangdong's students are gay? Pay attention to the “fake” gays
Jinyang News 金羊网, December 13, 2012
Discusses the plight of lesbian students, vacilating between support for gay youths and sharing a psychologists warning that not all attachments between students are truly homosexual.
Charity explains 'missing' money
China Daily, December 13, 2012
A charity foundation on children affairs said it will release 68 pages of bank statements to dispel doubts that their operation is involved in money laundering, Beijing News reported on Dec 13. China Charity Aid Foundation for Children, founded in 2009, released its 2011 financial statements on Nov 15, from which as much as 4.8 billion yuan ($768 million) was missing without detailed records.
Courts need to be more open to public
By Cao Yin and An Baijie, China Daily, December 14, 2012
The top court has required all courts in the country to explore a case database, set up service centers to change their judicial working styles and let justice run in a more open environment. The requirement is one of six measures the Supreme People's Court published on Wednesday that require courts to provide more convenience for residents and raise efficiency in the judicial system.
Ministry of Civil Affairs issues regulation: NGOs can receive a maximum of RMB 2 million in (state) support
By Chen Qiao 陈荞, Beijing Times 京华时报, December 14, 2012
The Ministry of Civil Affairs described the distribution of its RMB 200 million fund for supporting NGOs, which will include approximately two hundred RMB 250,000 grants to groups aiding impoverished communities in Sichuan, Yunnan, and Tibet; one hundred grants to social organizations working on medical aid and disaster relief, with approximately RMB 500,000 grants to locally-focused groups and RMB 1 – 2 million grants for national-scale organizations; and another eighty grants to social organizations providing community services or elderly care services, with RMB 500,000 grants for locally-focused groups and RMB 1 – 2 million grants for national-scale organizations.
Migrant Laborers Rights Protection Report
Chongqing Daily 重庆日报, December 14, 2012
Outlines the status on a number of migrant worker rights issues, including lawsuits for wage arrears and work injuries, as well as health insurance and social security.

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