Volunteers help with drought mitigation efforts

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The Natural Resource and Planning Departments of Hunan Province and the prefectural-level city of Yiyang recently formed three teams of volunteers to take on duties at the front lines of a drought taking place in and around the city, offering timely support to local residents.

The decision to dispatch volunteers has been made with an intention to help effectively resolve inadequate water supplies in the severely drought-stricken areas of the city, including neighboring Anhua and Taojiang counties along with the urban district of Heshan. The Yiyang government, which had previously carried out a project focusing on building wells in surrounding villages, decided to build on these past efforts by selecting 20 experts and technicians to form teams of volunteers to support local drought mitigation efforts this time around.

Gong Wuyun, Party secretary and director of the Natural Resources and Planning Department of Yiyang, attended a ceremony for the volunteers before they set out to join the front line and emphasized that the teams should always be people-oriented and fully adhere to their duties.

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