Volunteers help rescue elderly woman

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Kunshan Blue Sky Rescue (BSR) recently helped a 76-year-old woman who had been missing for five days find her family, demonstrating BSR’s mission of saving lives regardless of difficulty.


On Nov 20, the Kunshan BSR team received a report that someone was drowning and immediately assembled a rescue group of 25 members to head to the location.


After communicating with the police and the woman’s family members, the team learnt that the 76 year old suffered from a brain atrophy – and had been missing since Nov 16. The police and family members had been looking for days without any new leads. According to nearby security cameras, the last confirmed sighting of the missing woman was next to a river. They suspected that she might have fallen into the water.


The rescue team then started a long search of the river with the assistance of sonar, underwater robots, and underwater cameras, but there was no sign of her in the water, providing some hope that she might still be alive.


Luckily, during the search in the river, the team also utilized drones to search for signs on the ground. After much effort, the team found the woman deep in the weed-strewn reeds next to a riverside construction site.


The lady has since been returned to her family safely. Afterwards, her daughter expressed her deepest gratitude to BSR.


“Thank you so much to the BSR Team. We will never forget the kindness of everyone who saved her life!”