China Environmental Grant-makers Alliance Report released at COP 27

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China Environmental Grant-makers Alliance Report 2021 was officially released at COP27 in Egypt, marking the fourth year of China Environmental Grant-makers Alliance’s (CEGA) annual reports.

The 2021 report summarizes the grant-making practices of CEGA members and 58 non-CEGA member foundations and offers an analysis of environmental fundraising through online platforms, presenting the full picture of grant allocation in environmental philanthropy.

Three special topics have been added to this year’s report: climate change, biodiversity and national parks, making it a handy tool for readers of all backgrounds to gain insight into the trends in environmental philanthropy development in China.

According to the report, CEGA members provided roughly 306 million yuan ($43 million) of funding to environmental charities in 2021, a 3 percent increase compared to last year. For the fourth consecutive year, environment conservation and restoration received the most funding.

It is worth noting that CEGA members increased their funding of climate action causes significantly. This demonstrates that as major funders of China’s environmental philanthropy sector, CEGA members are allocating more resources to climate change mitigation and adaptation, working hand in hand with the dual carbon goals and global climate action.

As for the future of environment grant-making in China, the report concluded that grantmakers are putting more emphasis on whether an organization can seize the opportunities presented by the dual carbon goals and take an active part in climate action. The report also suggested that funders strengthen cross-sector collaboration and focus on joint growth against the backdrop of downward economic pressures.