“Running Man” variety show combines entertainment with charity  

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14557850252984221866c0acbec609bbe4cdcdf95cec8450The TV variety show Running Man recently won praise from CCTV News for its creative way of promoting charity, which combines entertainment with public welfare. During the last two seasons, Running Man has funded 27 impoverished schools, including Hope Project schools and schools for migrant workers’ children, by donating 13 thousand new running shoes and 27 sports playgrounds for the children.

Another charitable activity, Happy Running+ Youth Support Project, jointly held by Zhejiang TV, Sina Weibo and the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA), was launched during the third season of Running Man, aiming to fund 12 impoverished schools in China by constructing playground tracks and donating sports facilities. The project collects people’s running miles online and turns them into reading resources for poor children. The more running miles people share online, the more reading materials the children receive offline. Although the third season has now finished recording, the project is still ongoing. Running Man hopes that more people will get involved in this charitable activity, offering happy running experiences for thousands of children in rural areas.