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Thanks to the spread of the internet, new ways of conducting charity online have been thriving in recent years, encouraging more people to take an active part in charitable activities. On the 6th of February, the China Internet Development Foundation and other charitable Internet organizations officially launched a “2016 online charitable activities” series, under the theme of “spending the Spring Festival with online charity”. The series includes five parts and 15 online charity projects. One of the projects, “Travel with love”, encourages people to take photos showing a moment of love during their travels back to their hometowns. The “homesick post-90s” project encourages young people born in the nineties to record the beauty and the stories of their hometowns through photos and videos.

These activities combine online charity with the Spring Festival and turn general principles into little stories, promoting the spirit of charity on the Internet and creating a joyful festival atmosphere at the same time. They will carry on until the end of February.