The Third East-West Charitable Forum held in Hawaii

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The Third East-West Charitable Forum, jointly hosted by the Shenzhen International Social Welfare School and the East-West Center of the United States, was held in Hawaii, US from January 7 to 9, symbolizing the substantial union of Chinese and American entrepreneurs. The East-West Charitable Forum was founded by charity leaders and business elites with a global influence. With the hope that “charity can charge the world, charity can build the future”, the forum aims to bring together public wisdom to solve the most urgent social problem.

Nearly one hundred charity leaders from China and other countries gathered at Honolulu to attend the forum, discussing the new opportunities and challenges in global philanthropy and how to deal with global warming, pollution, poverty, hunger and other social problems at a time of rapid economic globalization and deepening economic integration. “The rich should assume greater responsibility”, said Wang Zhenyao, the president of the Shenzhen International Social Welfare School, “the world’s philanthropists need to take strong measures regarding global problems”.

During the Forum Peggy Dulany, a fourth generation member of the Rockefeller family, spoke about the rising position of women within philanthropy, and of the importance of having women leaders in the sector.