The 2nd China Social Finance Forum held in Beijing

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  • The 2nd China Social Finance Forum held in Beijing

The 2nd China Social Finance Forum (中国公益金融论坛), held in Beijing on September 7th, attracted over 600 participants from more than ten countries. During the meeting, more than 30 guest speakers shared their visions and practical experiences, and conducted in-depth analyses on topics such as new opportunities brought by the improved financial environment and Social Finance’s role in supporting sustainable development and promoting innovation.  Kevin Rudd, Australia’s former prime minister, gave a keynote speech at the forum. According to him, Social Finance is gradually becoming a global mainstream, and China’s awakening market will play a special role in the future development of Social Finance.

CreditEase, the first fortune management organization providing philanthropic services to China’s mass affluent class, launched the ‘Social +’ Investment Fund (“公益+”系列投资基金) at the forum. The fund will provide micro-finance services for women in rural areas and help vulnerable groups. It will also support NGOs that provide micro-finance services in rural areas, as well as organizations focusing on green energy and environmental development. It claims to be the first major social finance investment fund that mainly provides service to individuals (but also gives consideration to organizations).