Running Event Aims to Promote Glaucoma Awareness

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The second “Glaucoma Charity Running Event,” held during the 2024 World Glaucoma Week, concluded successfully at the Beijing Expo Park.

With the theme “Managing Glaucoma as a Chronic Disease for Sustained Vision,” the event brought together participants from Glaucoma Patient Homes (known as “Friends of Glaucoma”) from various provinces, fostering an enthusiastic and vibrant atmosphere.

Organized by Beijing Tongren Hospital affiliated with Capital Medical University and the Glaucoma Study Group of the Beijing Medical Association’s Ophthalmology Branch, the event witnessed participants from over 40 cities.

Eye pressure measurements were conducted before and after the run, providing valuable insights and addressing inquiries related to glaucoma symptoms, prevention, and treatment from participants.

The event’s climax unfolded during the 1-on-1 consultation session. Hosted by Director Qiao Chunyan from Beijing Tongren Hospital, the exchange featured knowledgeable experts who shed light on glaucoma’s pathogenesis, symptoms, and preventive measures in a clear and accessible manner. Participants benefited from practical advice and personalized guidance tailored to their individual conditions.