Typical Legal Cases on the Protection of Elderly Rights Announced

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The China National Committee on Aging held a press conference in Beijing on March 21 to unveil typical legal cases regarding the protection of elderly rights and interests in China in 2023.

To understand the trends and characteristics of elderly-related legal matters nationwide, advance the safeguarding of elderly rights, and foster an elder-friendly legal and social environment, the committee collaborated with the China Institute of Judicial Big Data Research to study elderly-related cases in 2023.

They actively sought exemplary cases from courts at all levels, research institutes, law firms, and other entities. Following expert evaluations, they identified and publicized ten typical cases.

By the end of 2023, China’s population aged 60 and above had swelled to 297 million, making up 21.1% of the total population. The country’s aging demographic is marked by a sizable elderly populace, rapid aging, and a pressing need to address population aging challenges.

As the elderly population continues to grow, so does the incidence of cases involving elderly individuals. Challenges persist for the elderly in areas like private lending, traffic accidents, marriage and family disputes, and labor contract disputes.

The cases unveiled in 2023 encompass civil matters related to elder-friendly renovations, elderly employment, efforts to secure visitation rights for grandchildren, and instances of personal information security breaches affecting the elderly.

Publishing typical cases of protecting elderly rights and interests aims to steer the elderly towards bolstering their awareness of risk prevention and their ability to assert their rights.