Report on China’s Evaluation of Social Organizations released in Shanghai

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The Non-governmental Organization Administration Bureau and the Civil Service Center of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and the Social Sciences Academic Press jointly released a blue book entitled Report on The Development of China’s Social Organizations Evaluation 2015 (《中国社会组织评估发展报告(2015)》蓝皮书) in Shanghai. The report points out that 99 national social organizations have been evaluated as level 3A and above, accounting for 85% of the 116 organizations that received an actual assessment in 2014. The Industry and Business Association of China continuously takes active part in these assessments and offers an evaluation coverage rate of over 50%, playing an increasingly large role in promoting the healthy development of non-governmental organizations.

“We use four criteria to evaluate social organizations. These are basic conditions, internal management, work efficiency and social evaluation” explains Xu Jiangliang, chief editor of the report and professor at the School of international and Public Affairs in Shanghai Jiao Tong University. “The big improvement in the quality of social organizations not only indicates that this evaluation and its results have had an active effect in promoting such organizations, but also shows that China’s social organizations have moved from growing in numbers to growing in quality.” Some specialists suggest that a blacklist system should be established to enhance public credibility towards social organizations in the future.