Support for Social Organizations from the 2016 Central Government Budget Available

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The Ministry of Civil Affairs (MCA) has issued the 2016 Implementation Plan on Support for Social Organizations Participating in Social Services Provision through the Central Government Budget (《2016年中央财政支持社会组织参与社会服务项目实施方案》). The entire budget, aimed at supporting social organizations which have projects focused on aiding the aged, the disabled and children, as well as on social work, capacity building and staff training, is estimated to reach 200 million Yuan. The plan for 2016 is that the Central Government budget will not support organizational activities related to basic infrastructure, research and advocacy. Regarding social organizations with projects that have a broader range of beneficiaries such as those involving lectures, seminars or book granting, a stricter selection and reviewing procedure will apply before they are able to receive funds coming from the 2016 budget.

To be more specific, the following five basic social service domains will be considered: (1) aid to the aged, including daily care, rehabilitation services, medical care, emergency aid, and social participation; (2) care for children, including adoption, treatment, protection and rehabilitation activities for orphans and abandoned children, education, health care and cultural activities for left-behind children, and other services and protection activities for the children of migrant workers and disabled children; (3) aid to the disabled, including daily care, medical and mental care, work integration and activities aiming to improve the working and living conditions of the disabled, and social inclusion; (4) social work services for migrants, the left-behind, people affected by disasters and other vulnerable groups in the local communities; (5) capacity building and staff training, particularly for those social organizations active in the West of China.

The implementation of the projects funded by this budget is expected to be completed in 2016. Applications are open until 15 January 2016. See the website of the MCA for more information.