Report on carbon neutrality in China released

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As part of the Blue Book of Low-Carbon Development in China series, the Annual Report on Carbon Neutrality in China was recently published by China Eco Development Association and China Carbon Neutral Development Group Limited.

This report examines the latest progress in global carbon neutrality, summarizes the existing problems and opportunities, and provides a comprehensive assessment of China’s carbon neutrality development based on the latest statistics.

Research shows that China’s carbon neutral development index fluctuated from 164.95 in 2001 to 188.34 in 2020, among which the country’s green energy index, green transportation index and ecological carbon sink index have increased significantly.

The report consists of six parts: indicators, strategies, technologies, carbon pool and carbon market, possible paths and case study.

In the indicators section for example, the report combined the 10 actions to achieve “peak carbon” proposed by the Action Plan for Carbon Peak by 2030 with the long-term goals to select specific indicator data from multiple dimensions to establish an indicator system to measure the achievement of regional goals to achieve peak carbon and carbon neutrality. The average of the inter-provincial carbon neutral development index in 2020 was 6.08, with 14 regions exceeding the average.

In the case study section, the report summarizes the layout and practical experiences of domestic and foreign companies in promoting carbon neutrality and analyzes the practices and models of promoting carbon neutrality in Hainan, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Wuhan, Beijing and other regions.