Guangxi issues official Opinions on standardizing civil affairs work

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The Department of Civil Affairs and the Administration for Market Regulation of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region recently issued the Implementation Opinions on Comprehensively Promoting Guangxi Civil Affairs Standardization in the New Era to further strengthen the standardization of civil affairs work in that region.

The Opinions require that by 2025, the region will establish a standardized system covering the main business areas of civil affairs, matching with the national standards and working well with the standards of industry and business in the field of civil affairs, while also reflecting the characteristics of Guangxi.

By 2035, more than 30 local standards will be drafted and revised, and the coordination, systematization, integrity and applicability of Guangxi’s civil affairs standard system will be significantly enhanced, the quality level will be greatly improved, and the implementation will be more thorough, according to the document.

The “Implementation Opinions” clarify the main tasks of promoting civil affairs standardization, including building a comprehensive and efficient social assistance system, promoting the development of standards for community services and smart communities, implementing a national strategy to actively respond to the aging population.

The document also stressed that standardization work should be included in the annual goals to ensure that various tasks are implemented, and it makes standardization development a key element and an important foundation for the development of civil affairs in the region.