New national standards for basic public services released

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Ten departments including the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Education, and the Ministry of Civil Affairs recently issued the “National Basic Public Service Standards (2023 Edition)” as well as a notice requesting local governments to improve personnel, financial resources and facilities to strengthen their public service supply capacity and ensure that people on the receiving end can obtain the services they need.

It’s the first update since the initial release and implementation of the national basic public service standards in 2021, according to China Philanthropy Times.

The 2023 standards include a total of 81 services under 22 categories in nine major fields, including child care, education, labor rights, healthcare, elderly care, housing and more. The document clearly indicates the recipients of the services, service content, service quality standards, expenditure details and leading departments who are responsible for providing the services.

For example, in the child care section, the new document defines the relevant standards and requirements for basic living guarantee for children with special needs, the protection of children in distress and more.

As for public health services, the document lists relevant standards and requirements for health education and health literacy promotion, the reporting and handling of infectious diseases and public health emergencies, and the health management of patients with serious mental disorders.

In the elderly care section, the relevant standard requirements for the health management of the elderly and welfare subsidies for the elderly are listed.