Xiaomi Foundation HK donates for disaster relief in Beijing, Hebei

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  • Xiaomi Foundation HK donates for disaster relief in Beijing, Hebei

Affected by Typhoon Dusuri, extreme rainfall in some of China’s northern Provinces and other places led to floods and geological disasters in these areas, causing heavy losses in Beijing, Hebei and other Provinces.

The disasters have affected many sectors of society, and many charities have extended a helping hand. For example, the Xiaomi Foundation Limited in Hong Kong actively responded to the call and jointly established an emergency working group with the Xiaomi Public Welfare Foundation in Beijing. The working group aimed to establish contact with government departments and charitable organizations in the disaster-stricken areas in a timely manner to learn more about the actual needs from people of the affected areas.

A total of 25 million yuan ($3.4 million) was donated to Hebei Charity Joint Foundation, Beijing Mentougou District Donation Receiving and Management Center, and Beijing Fangshan District Charity Association to protect the personal safety of people affected, purchase emergency relief materials and rescue equipment, and assist in post-disaster reconstruction work.

In order to ensure that such flood relief activities are fast and efficient in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, the Administration Office of Overseas NGOs of the Ministry of Public Security (AONGOMPS) connected with the Xiaomi Foundation in Hong Kong to open a “green channel”. The channel allows quick approval of the application for the filing of relevant temporary activities and provides guidance and help for relevant donations and rescue activities.