Public welfare crowdfunding in China: 2014’s most successful projects

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Crowdfunding has recently become very popular on the internet. When crowdfunding appeared in China almost three years ago, no-one showed interest in it. It now has an impressive success rate. All kinds of public welfare projects, no matter how unusual, are now being on the Internet. The internet has proved to be a strong vehicle for public welfare crowd-funding: not only it increased the number of people willing to participate in public welfare projects; it has also increased public interest in the subject.

Looking at general statistics about the growth of the crowd-funding movement, it is clear that the movement is booming in China. In just short period of time crowd-funding has gained momentum, and is not going to stop any time soon. In 2014, there were many projects that managed to raise funds online, as well as leave a deep impression on society. Below is a list of some of these projects:


The project that received most funds on Taobao (淘宝): ‘Set up your own ranch, enjoy a relaxing cup of milk’

Funds raised: 1,024,909 RMB

Participants: 715 visits

Fund-raising rate: 102%

What funders received: Clothes, postcards, reports

Description: The project is aimed at setting up an organic ranch, and thus connecting people with nature.


The project with the highest rate of accomplishment on Taobao (淘宝): ‘Help the children of the highland to drink clean water’

Funds raised: 85,711.40 RMB

Participants: 5274 visits

Fund-raising rate: 875%

What funders received: Project presentation, electronic thank-you note

Description: The project aims at bringing drinkable water to the children of the Qinghai-Tibetan plateau.


The project with the highest rate of accomplishment on Jingdong (京东): ‘It’s cold outside, cover children with new quilts’

Funds raised: 105,463 RMB

Participants: 2075 visits

Fund-raising rate: 2109%

What funders received: Electronic thank-you note, electronic certificate

Description: This project aims to keep children living in mountainous Yunnan warm.


The project with the highest rate of accomplishment on the Crowd-funding Network (众筹网): ’10 years old DIY accessories to help disabled children’

Funds raised: 11,755 RMB

Participants: 98 visits

Fund-raising rate: 2351%

What funders received: Electronic thank-you note, electronic certificate

Description: The project was carried out in a primary school, and was aimed at funding the purchase of school materials for disabled children in impoverished areas.


The project that received the most funds on the Crowdfunding Network (众筹网): ‘Follow “benefits”, and get moving: M-PLUS protein kit for public welfare’

Funds raised: 523,247 RMB

Participants: 683 visits

Fund-raising rate: 105%

Project return: 1 M-PLUS kit (value: 1765 RMB), including 6 box of M-PLUS milk (value: 261 RMB)

Description: Promote a health lifestyle, encourage people to exercise, help you become a better person. The program at the same time raise funds for schools, and children in rural areas.


The project that raised the most funds on the Duimeng Network (追梦网): ‘“Impossible to lose” the smart watch that protects your loved ones’

Funds raised: 787,922 RMB

Participants: 105 visits

Fund-raising rate: 393%

Project return: “Impossible to lose” wrist watch, and service

Description: The project developed a wrist watch to keep track of young and elderly friends and relatives.


The most supported project on the Duimeng Network (追梦网): ‘Gather 1500 people from the whole nation to collectively start up a community’

Funds raised: 728000 RMB

Participants: 661 visits

Fund-raising rate: 121%

Project return: Membership, products from the community

Description: The project established an innovative community in Guangzhou. The community aims to promote new, creative, and collective methods of living.