Chi Fulin: Return “social organisations” to society

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In this article, Chi Fulin, head of the China Institute for Reform and Development (CIRD), writes that the development of social organizations has aroused independent society and widespread participation but there is still the need to construct an appropriate system. For Chi, social organizations can provide a link between government and individuals, develop societal life, public morals, and altruism.

Chi suggests five aspects of social governance that social organizations should provide. Firstly, social service providers should be able to effectively receive public service. Secondly, participants in social management should actively promote public governance. Thirdly, spokespeople for public causes should realistically represent the aspirations of the masses. Fourthly, those who safeguard people’s rights should earnestly ensure that their actions benefit the community. Lastly, social organizations should try and resolve social contradictions.

To improve social organisations, Chi proposes three main barriers and obstructions that should be swept away. Firstly, public and official understanding and awareness of social organisations should be deepened. Secondly, a robust legal system related to social organisation management is needed. Thirdly, policies which aim to assist social organizations need to be implemented such as tax reductions for both for-profit and non-profit social organizations.