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The organizations included in this brochure are nonprofit NGOs based throughout mainland China. They seek to address issues in a variety of sectors, including children, community development, environment, gender, legal aid, migrant issues, public health and disabilities. China Development Brief staff have contacted all of these organizations to understand their specific needs and requirements for foreign volunteers and interns.

In every organization’s profile you will find information about their mission and activities, as well as their requirements for volunteers and interns’ skill sets, language proficiency, and length of stay. Organizations have been sorted both by location and sector in the table of contents. The organization profiles then appear in the following pages alphabetically.

If you are interested in volunteering or interning with any of these organizations, please read their full profile and visit their website to learn more and then contact the organization directly to confirm their requirements and express your interest. The information provided is correct as of December 2014 but is subject to change. Please be aware that most organizations will not be able to provide living accommodation or will ask for a small amount of money to contribute to meals and other expenses.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of NGOs in China. The Chinese NGO sector is dynamic and evolving every day, and we encourage you to do your own research to find an organization that suits your interests and skill set (a good starting point is the CDB online NGO Directory). We at CDB hope our efforts can meaningfully address the challenges of our modern world and encourage the growth of Chinese NGOs and philanthropic organizations for this generation and the next.

IMPORTANT It is essential that individuals who are looking to do their volunteering or internship in NGOs within China obtain the proper visa. CDB cannot help or advise on this, but very strongly recommends that the individual consult with both the NGO and their local Chinese consulate.

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