Overseas NGO Management Law discussed at Shanghai seminar

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A seminar was held at Shanghai Jiaotong University on May 21st to discuss the second draft of the Overseas NGO Management Law. More than 50 legal experts and scholars came from all over the country to discuss the draft legislation. The event was co-organized by Jiaotong University and The Center for NPOs law of Peking University.

An article in the Shanghai Education News detailed the event, saying that as China has developed its interaction with overseas NGOs has increased. Operating in areas such as education, science, environmental protection, and public health, the different concepts, management methods and operational systems of overseas NGOs have contributed to the development of China’s own NGOs.

At the same time, the article writes that the lack of legislative support has caused these organizations to face problems. The topics discussed at the seminar included the aims, scope, legal terms, contents, and registration management procedures that were outlined in the draft legislation.