New reports on child protection released before the Liang Hui

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Two reports on child protection were released at a pre-CPPCC seminar hosted by the China Social Assistance Foundation on March 2, 2015. The two reports were titled the Primary School Teaching Plan on Child Sexual Assault (防性侵教育小学标准教案) and the Training Plan for Primary School Teachers to Avoid Sexual Assault Against Students (小学生防性侵课教师培训教案). Guests attending the seminar included NPC & CPPCC delegates, school principals, lawyers, education experts, scholars, reporters, and representatives from the government.

During the seminar, Sun Xuemei, founder of the “Girl Protection” project run by the China Social Assistance Foundation, also released their project report: the 2014 Statistical Report on Child Sexual Assault Education and Child Sexual Abuse Cases (2014年儿童防性侵安全教育及性侵儿童案件统计报告). The report, based on media reports and surveys, indicated that there were 503 child sexual abuse cases reported by the media last year. It concluded that most of those cases occurred because of a lack of sex education and parental negligence.

NPC & CPPCC delegates attending the seminar made four suggestions concerning how to carry out underage child protection projects in the future: 1. sexual assault education should be included in China’s compulsory education curricula; 2. the crime of “soliciting underage prostitutes” should be abolished [because this would mean cases were then covered by rape legislation, offering greater protection]; 3. a national education plan should be drafted on sexual assault that refers to the Opinions on Prevention of Child Sexual Assault(关于做好预防少年儿童遭受性侵工作的意见). 4. a supervision system of underage protection should be established.