National Conference Focuses on Poverty Alleviation Efforts

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  • National Conference Focuses on Poverty Alleviation Efforts

On April 3rd, the Ministry of Civil Affairs convened  a national video conference to reinforce  poverty alleviation efforts and the promote comprehensive rural revitalization for 2024.

The conference was pivotal in  deepening the enforcement of  central directives on agriculture and rural policies, reviewing the achievements of 2023 and outlining key strategies  for the coming year.

Vice Minister Hu Haifeng highlighted the integration  of poverty reduction successes with rural revitalization strategies, emphasizing the need to strengthen  basic livelihood support and enhance aid  for vulnerable rural populations, including the elderly, children facing hardships,  and people with disabilities.

The meeting underscored the necessity of high governance standards and improved  public welfare, calling on  all  civil affairs departments to intensify their support  comprehensive rural revitalization.