ByteDance Organizes Charity Event for Autistic Children

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Under the  guidance of the Shenzhen Civil Affairs Bureau, the Shenzhen Federation of Persons with Disabilities, and the China Association for the Promotion of News on Disability, ByteDance’s philanthropic platform partnered  with the Shenzhen Charity Foundation to host  a charity market on World Autism Awareness Day, April 2nd.

The event in Shenzhen invited the autism community,  charitable organizations, and autism-supportive businesses to  a themed charity event. The aim was to enhance public support for individuals with autism and promote  an equitable, respectful, and inclusive society.

The charity market featured  live music, interactive games, and collaboration with  26 brands, transforming  over 10,400 stores into autism-friendly spaces. Additionally, popular TikTok influencers documented the lives of individuals with autism, amplifying their voices.

Event organizers noted that even before the 2021 launch of ByteDance’s philanthropy platform, TikTok had been a pivotal tool in raising autism awareness, with content garnering over ten billion views.