Philanthropy Requires Resilience and Long-Term View

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On March 28, the Eighth Annual China Charity Conference took place in Beijing, sponsored by major entities including the China Charity Federation, and Tsinghua University Education Foundation.

Keynote speakers,Peng Yijie,  Senior Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer at Ant Group,  shared her insights into the philanthropic sector’s evolution and future direction in China.

Celebrating  its 20th anniversary, Ant Group began with a mission to tackle social challenges through technology. Starting  with  escrow payment services to build trust, it evolved to create major impacts  like the “Sesame Credit” on Alipay, China’s largest payment platform.

Peng highlighted the role of technology in driving social progress, noting that digital solutions are crucial for the noprofit sector. She highlighted the success of the Ant Forest initiative. Which has seen  650 million users plant  475 million trees, with Ant Group donating over 3.4 billion RMB ($469 million).

The conference delved into the transformative trends in philanthropy, stressing the importance of quality projects, managing trust crises, and adopting a long-term approach to nurture the philanthropic landscape. Initiatives like the disaster preparedness feature on Alipay’s Charity Platform exemplify proactive and anticipatory philanthropy.