Chinese charity project offers free surgeries in Myanmar

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On May 20, a project linked to China’s One Belt and One Road initiative began offering surgery to impoverished cataracts patients in Myanmar’s ex-capital and largest city, Yangon. With plans to offer the cataract surgery to some 200 patients, the initiative is part of a program called “Overseas Chinese love is bright”.

The activity is jointly sponsored by the Overseas Chinese Charity Foundation of China, the Yunnan Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese and the Aier Eye Hospital. Doctor’s from the Hospital, which is located in Kunming, arrived on May 19 and immediately began work performing surgery on more than 40 patients.

On the morning of May 20, an official opening ceremony for the initiative was held at an eye clinic in Yangon, where the Aier Eye Hospital’s deputy secretary promised to provide professional services to local patients, while expressing the hope to use this opportunity to increase cooperation between China and Myanmar.

Since its launching in 2005, the “Overseas Chinese Love is Bright” program has provided cataract surgery to over ten thousand impoverished patients around the world.