CDB’s Bilingual Dictionary of Development and Philanthropy now available online!

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CDB’s English-Chinese and Chinese-English Dictionary of Development and Philanthropy now has an online version! Co-produced by China Development Brief and Lingxi, the online version allows users to suggest new entries, point out mistakes in the translations, and leave other suggestions. We hope this will allow us to expand and improve our dictionary, and one day produce a second printed edition. The online dictionary can be found at this link, or by scanning the QR code above.

The dictionary, whose paper version was published in June 2017, is the first of its kind. It is designed to help those in the NGO and development sectors who often have to wade across the linguistic and cultural gap that separates the Chinese and English-speaking worlds. It is divided into Chinese/English and English/Chinese sections and contains over 3000 entries, ranging from 主管单位 to optional protocol and 山寨社团 to participatory rural appraisal. All of the terms included have some specific relevance to the fields that NGOs work in, with a special focus on terms that have a subtle difference in meaning in English and Chinese, and on terms that don’t have a direct equivalent in the other language.

All the entries were proposed and reviewed by experts and practitioners in fields including the environment, education, public health, poverty alleviation and more, ensuring the accuracy and coverage of the entries. The appendix at the end includes a list of major Chinese and international NGOs and a list of relevant international conventions and Chinese laws. In case you are interested in buying the paper version of the dictionary, click here.


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