Yunnan’s digital triumphs in biodiversity preservation

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In March 2023, the provincial government of Yunnan issued the General Plan for the Construction of Digital Government in Yunnan Province, focusing on promoting economic regulation, market supervision, social management, public services, and ecological environmental protection.

Yunnan Province, rich in biodiversity, has made significant advancements in digital biodiversity conservation. Let’s delve into the province’s noteworthy accomplishments:

Firstly, Yunnan has successfully established a comprehensive artificial breeding management system for terrestrial wildlife. This groundbreaking system, shared among provincial, state, and county entities, ensures effective management and supervision of terrestrial wildlife breeding businesses. It has become a model for digital scientific management in artificial wildlife breeding.

Additionally, Yunnan Province has developed an integrated management information system for nature reserves, the first of its kind in the country. This shared system at the provincial, state, and county levels provides invaluable resources such as reserve background information, biodiversity monitoring, human activity tracking, and project management for protected areas.

The provincial Department of Ecology and Environment has also initiated intelligent environmental protection projects, enhancing ecosystem analysis and human activity supervision in key areas like nature reserves. By strengthening the ecological and environmental monitoring network, Yunnan Province ensures the sustainable management of its natural resources.

Furthermore, Yunnan has created a comprehensive “one map” showcasing the distribution of biodiversity reserves. This map highlights both in-situ and relocated biodiversity conservation areas, offering an overview of species diversity in the province and the status of existing species.

To engage the public and foster awareness, Yunnan Province has constructed and operates the “Yunnan Biodiversity” online museum. Utilizing a range of cutting-edge technologies like the Internet of Things, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence, this interactive platform provides an immersive and educational experience, showcasing the region’s diverse ecosystems.

The “Yunnan experience” in digital biodiversity conservation encompasses several key aspects. Firstly, the province has diligently collected and compiled essential data to establish a solid foundation for the construction of Yunnan’s biodiversity big data platform. This comprehensive approach ensures accurate and up-to-date information for effective conservation efforts.

Yunnan Province has also conducted extensive verification of ecological quality monitoring sample sites, enabling a deeper understanding of ecosystem patterns and changes. By setting technical requirements and ensuring the representativeness and feasibility of monitoring sites, Yunnan ensures the reliability of its ecological quality assessments.

Moreover, Yunnan Province maximizes the value of data resources through advanced information technology tools. By continuously improving monitoring management and digital capabilities in biodiversity conservation, the province strengthens biosafety management, promotes sustainable utilization, and ensures a unified and efficient management system.

With its remarkable digital triumphs in biodiversity conservation, Yunnan Province stands as a shining example of leveraging technology to protect the natural world. Through innovative initiatives and a commitment to scientific conservation practices, Yunnan continues to safeguard its unique ecological heritage for generations to come.