Document aims to inspire people to protect environment

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China’s Ministry of Ecology and Environment, together with other key departments, has launched the revised version of the Ten Rules of Ecological and Environmental Behavior for Citizens.

The groundbreaking initiative aims to ignite a green revolution and empower individuals to become active champions of ecological protection and sustainable living.

The updated code encompasses 10 concise articles that cover a wide spectrum of eco-friendly practices. From preserving the ecological environment and conserving energy resources to adopting green consumption habits and practicing waste sorting, these rules serve as a blueprint for a sustainable future.

They also emphasize the importance of reducing pollution, preserving natural ecosystems, participating in environmental protection activities, and collectively building a beautiful China.

Initially introduced in 2018, the Ten Rules marked a milestone as China’s first comprehensive ecological and environmental code for citizens. Since then, the rules have successfully raised public awareness and fostered a sense of responsibility for ecological preservation.

By disseminating these guidelines and encouraging green and low-carbon lifestyles, China aims to mobilize its citizens to actively contribute to a greener future and create a harmonious balance between human progress and environmental protection.