What do local government work reports say about NGO work?

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The 2023 government work reports of all provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under China’s central government have been released, many of which involve key points regarding charity, NGO work, and voluntary services. Below are some of the relevant highlights.




The Tianjin government will accelerate the modernization of grassroots governance, and build a community where all members are held responsible and have an equal share in the benefits. 

Moreover, it will form a cooperative mechanism between communities, NGOs, NGO workers, community volunteers, and charities, and build a governance system with refined management, targeted services, and IT support. 

To better protect the rights and welfare of women, children, and people with disabilities, Tianjin will continue to improve its social security system.




In the past five years, social governance in Fujian Province has been further promoted, with a higher level of public safety and full coverage of township or street community service centers.

In 2023, the Fujian government will support young people from Taiwan to participate in grassroots services such as environmental protection, rural revitalization, community building, and voluntary services, and continuously enhance links between young people from Fujian and Taiwan.

The local government will also guide and support willing and capable businesses, NGOs, and individuals to actively participate in philanthropy while improving the system of voluntary work and services.




Sichuan Province has innovated the model of and carried out pilot programs of urban and rural community governance, achieving full coverage of township-level community work centers.

This year, the Sichuan government will improve its multi-level social security system, implement pilot projects for the high-quality development of charity, maintain the legitimate rights and interests of women and children, and continue to enhance the protection of minors.

Similar to Tianjin, the annual work report of Sichuan Province also mentioned the improvement of a cooperative mechanism between communities, NGOs, NGO workers, community volunteers, and charities.




In 2023, the Jilin government will focus on the development of charity, the Red Cross, voluntary services, and other philanthropic causes, while continuing to protect the rights of women, children, and the disabled. 

It will also strengthen and improve social governance, aiming to build 100 township- or street-level community work centers.




The Jiangsu government will make efforts to promote common prosperity and create a high-quality life more effectively, by deepening the reform of income distribution and promoting equal opportunities. It will continue to develop its philanthropic sector, increase the income of low earners, and expand the middle-income group.