Social media app Douyin helped find 20,000 missing people

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An event was held in Beijing recently to celebrate the achievement of a charity project launched by Douyin, a Chinese domestic version of Tik Tok, to help locate missing people.

In the past seven years, the project has posted 170,000 search notices and successfully found more than 20,000 missing people, including 7,409 senior citizens and 1,521 minors. 26,000 volunteers nationwide have participated in searches for missing people.

In order to encourage more volunteers and NGOs to participate, the company announced an upgrade of the project to include the following four aspects.

The first is free training for volunteers and NGOs to help them create effective content to promote the search for missing people. The second is promotion of videos on Douyin related to missing people. The third is offering honorary certification to individuals and organizations that have played a significant role in the project, with the last being financial support.

The project was launched in 2016, aiming to use technological means to help missing people come home. Originally, the project solely focused on finding missing people. But it has since expanded its operation to find people who have been out of contact with their friends and relatives for many years.

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