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The third method of solving a medical dispute – an example of an NGO mediating
医患纠纷第三种解法, 一个NGO组织的调解样本
Shandong Evening News 齐鲁晚报, December 09, 2013
Normally in China disputes over medical treatment are dealt with internally in a hospital or are taken to the external government Medical Committee, but this article details a case where a legal rights NGO stepped in to successfully mediate a dispute. (Chinese)

The ‘purchasing’ of social services will cover more costs
Beijing Times 京华时报, December 09, 2013
Following the recent announcement that the central government will again spend 200 million Yuan purchasing services from social organizations, this article analyses how the 2014 purchasing will aim to learn the lessons from the 2013 experience. (Chinese)

Li Liguo: Six initiatives to stimulate the vitality of social organizations
李立国: 六项举措激发社会组织活力
By Zhang Xuetao 张雪弢, Philanthropy Times 公益时报, December 10, 2013/12/17
The head of the Ministry of Civil Affairs Li Liguo outlines the six initiatives that MOCA is pushing to “stimulate”social organizations, including improving tax incentives and making the registration process more efficient. (Chinese)

It is very difficult for operational foundations to comply with the 10% rule
By Zhang Mulan 张木兰, Philanthropy Times 公益时报, December 10, 2013
Interview with Yu Xiuhong of the Bright China Foundation, a private foundation that funds entrepreneurial education. Yu emphasizes that it is difficult for the foundation to comply with the financial regulations that limit the amount of money that can go towards staff wages and benefits, and administrative costs. (Chinese)

Only 59 registered social organizations in Yunnan have tax-exempt status
By Wang Huixian王会贤, Philanthropy Times, December 10, 2013
Of the nearly 16,000 registered social organizations in Yunnan, only 59 applied for tax-exempt status last year. This article examines the reasons for this, including information from a recent report generated by the Sun Yat-Sen Institute for Charity. (Chinese)

Grassroots NGO’s fifteen years of fighting against AIDS
By Yan Bing 闫冰, China Philanthropy Times 公益时报, December 10, 2013
This article details the experiences of Tianjin AIDS campaigner Yang Jie, and his fifteen years experience working in AIDS prevention NGOs. (Chinese)

Wang Zhenyao: Turning around to face the past three years without regret, this is the life that I wanted
王振耀:转身三年不后悔 这是我向往的生活
By Hou Lixin侯力新, Phoenix News Public Welfare凤凰网公益, December 10, 2013
Three years after leaving the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the President of the China Philanthropy Research Institute, Wang Zhenyao, looks back at his experiences at the Institute. (Chinese)

MOCA publishes article interpreting social organization and national governance
Caixin 财新网, December 11, 2013
Following on from the Third Plenum, Wang Jianjun, chief of the NGO Supervision Bureau of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, has published an article (here) in which he outlines MOCA’s vision of the management of social organizations (Chinese)

List of finalists announced by the 2013 Responsible China Charity Festival
By Luo Huizha 罗惠栅, Southern Metropolis Daily 南方都市报, December 12, 2013
A charity awards competition organized by the Southern Metropolis Daily in conjunction with the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, has announced its list of 33 finalists. The competition concludes on the 16th of December. (Chinese)

Fund to financially assist public welfare workers officially launched
By Xu Xiaolei 许晓蕾, Southern Metropolis Daily, 南方都市报, December 12, 2013
The much-anticipated fund to financially assist public welfare workers has been officially launched. The fund now totals more than 160,000 yuan and will aim to provide small grants and insurance coverage for charity workers in need. (Chinese)

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