Weekly News – October 5th to October 11th, 2013

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The transparency of charity organisations is inadequate; those engaged in charitable enterprise must enter the “age of transparency”
慈善组织透明度整体偏低 公益事业亟待进入“透明”时代
By Wu Yanting and Feng Lu吴燕婷、冯璐, Xinhua Online新华网, October 08, 2013
This article discusses how a low level of transparency amongst Chinese charitable organisations is holding back the development of the non-profit sector. (Chinese)
Liang Zhiyuan: The ‘unregulated’ zone and public welfare blindspots
By Liang Zhiyuan梁致远, ngocn.net, October 08, 2013
Liang Zhiyuan recalls her experiences working in Guangzhou homeless charities, and the problems that arise from operating in unregulated legal grey areas. (Chinese)
Huo Weiya: Independently observing the processes of China’s environmental NGO sector
Global Times Online 环球网-环球时报, October 09, 2013
An interview with Huo Weiya, who has previously worked for Greenpeace and China Dialogue. Huo recently helped to create the ‘Young Environmental Review’, a publication providing independent analysis of China’s environmental sector.
Charity Strategy Seminar: Professionalization still lacks external support
Southern Daily 南方日报, October 09, 2013
This article discusses the findings of the recent ‘2013 China Strategy Seminar’. The seminar was held in Shenzhen and focused on discussions about the future development of the Chinese non-profit sector. (Chinese)
Hu Huizhe: Re-connect people with nature
By Hu Huizhe 胡卉哲, ngocn.net, October 09, 2013
Hu Huizhe from ‘Friends of Nature’ (China’s oldest environmental NGO) makes the case that modern Chinese youth are losing touch with the natural world, and suggests solutions based around volunteerism and education. (Chinese)
Is the assistance given by international organisations more of a ‘hindrance than a help’ for Chinese NGOs?
Global Times Online 环球网-环球时报, October 09, 2013
Analyses an article published in The China Journal by Anthony J. Spires, a leading expert on the Chinese NGO sector. The article, published last year, examines the disconnect between the concerns of Western donor organisations and the situation and aims of Chinese NGOs. (Chinese)
How can social media give social enterprises a voice?
Global Times Online 环球网-环球时报, October 10, 2013
This article discusses how Chinese social enterprises can benefit from properly utilising new social media technologies (Chinese)
China joins the multinational effort to stop the smuggling of hazardous waste from the West
Beijing Times 北京时报, October 10, 2013
China is participating in the international effort, organised by the World Customs Organisation, to help stop the smuggling and dumping of hazardous waste. China will focus on the illegal transmission of waste from the West to the Asia-Pacific region. (Chinese)
Xinhua Insight: Ageing China faces elder neglect
By Zhou Yan and Pan Qiang, Xinhua Online, October 11, 2013
This Xinhua feature draws attention to one of the social impacts of China’s ageing population: the neglect of elderly people. The authors highlight the increasingly important role of both state and non-state welfare. (English)
Government organisations that received donations after the Lushan earthquake are “locked down”
Beijing Times 北京时报, October 11, 2013
A Guangzhou committee, recently established to provide third-party supervision of social organisations, has commenced its investigation of two government-run organisations involved in this year’s Lushan earthquake-recovery effort. (Chinese)

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