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Lei Chuang: Use rationality and strategy to promote a mutually beneficial relationship between government and people
By Zhang Tianpan and Zhang Min 张天潘 汤敏, Southern Metropolis Daily 南方都市报, October 14, 2013
An interview with activist Lei Chuang, who talks about his fight for Hepatitis B awareness and vaccination, and the relationship between the state and non-state organisations. (Chinese)
Weibo account shows a new trend in civic disaster relief methods
Oriental Morning Post  东方早报, October 14, 2013
A senior figure in the Chinese NGO sector makes observations on the recent use of micro-blogging after the Zhejiang floods, noting a trend towards a more effective, ‘mature’ use. (Chinese)
Analysis of the growing trends of Chinese social organisations: The transformation from quantity to quality
By Wang Ming and Ding Jingjing 王名, 丁晶晶, Philanthropy Times 公益时报, October 15, 2013
This lengthy article reviews the transformation of the Chinese NGO-sector since the beginning of the reform era. It particularly focuses on post-2006 changes, and forecasts a very healthy future for the sector. (Chinese)
NGOCN Special: Why can’t AIDs patients enter public bathing facilities?
By A Qiang阿强, ngocn.net, October 14, 2013/10/16
The author discusses the recent legislation drafted by the Ministry of Commerce that sets out to ban AIDS patients (and other sufferers of infectious skin diseases and STDs) from being able to use public bathing facilities. (Chinese)
Yang Xin: Building a “Green Whampoa Academy”
Gongyi.net 腾讯公益, October 16, 2013/10/16
Details the work of environmental activist Yang Xin. Yang is the president of the Green River NGO and has been actively engaged in environmental work over the past three decades. (Chinese)
Beijing: Public nursing homes will be able to work with the power of society
Beijing Times 京华时报,
This article discuss recent announcements made by the Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau that state that Beijing’s 200 public nursing homes will, in the future, be able to work with social organizations. The social organisations will be able to bid on contracts to provide services for the nursing homes. (Chinese)
The Fourth “China Eliminates Poverty Awards”; Yuan Longping wins the lifetime achievement award
第四届“中国消除贫困奖”揭晓 袁隆平获终身成就
By Cui Jing, 崔静, Xinhua News Network新华网, October 16 2013
Yuan Longping has been awarded the lifetime achievement award in recognition of his work creating ‘hybrid rice’. Other winners at the Awards included the ex-investigative journalist Deng Fei, who was awarded the ‘Innovation award’ for his work providing free lunches to the rural poor. (Chinese)
“The threshold for the registration of social organizations has not yet been reduced”
By Yang Guangxia and Tan Wen阳广霞 覃雯, Southern Metropolis Daily 南方都市报, October 16, 2013
Following the on-going investigation of Guangdong social organisations, this article reports on comments made by CPPCC members about the registration thresholds. (Chinese)
The four brand-building choices that face public welfare organizations
By Chu Ying 褚蓥, imujuan i募捐, October 16, 2013
Discusses the branding strategies open to Chinese NGOs, analyzing the options around four themes: product, company, personality, and symbols. The author maintains that brand-building is a crucially important part of developing an organization. (Chinese)
How can charitable organizations reach new heights?
By Xu Juan徐 隽, Peoples Daily人民日报, October 16, 2013
This article discusses the recent and current situation of Chinese NGOs, calling the Wenchuan earthquake a “watershed” but detailing several areas that need to be improved in order for the sector to reach “new heights”. These areas include: increasing volunteering levels, reducing and simplifying registration procedures, and generating public enthusiasm for charitable work. (Chinese)
The channels for second-hand clothes donations need unblocking
People’s Daily 人民日报, October 18, 2013/10/18
The author discusses the pros and cons of the options that are available for the growing number of Chinese people who want to donate second-hand clothes. (Chinese)
Turning wisdom into action: Exclusive interview with the Chi Heng Foundation’s Luo Jiaxu
Thinker360 创思客, October 18, 2013
An interview with Luo Jiaxu, who works in the Beijing office of the Chi Heng Foundation, an AIDS prevention and education NGO. Luo discusses Chi Heng’s current projects and future aims. (Chinese)
The “full refunding of inappropriately used donations” should become the norm for all charitable giving
By Wang Chuantao 王传涛, Beijing Youth Daily北京青年报, October 18, 2013
In the light of the many recent and ongoing investigations into the improper use of charitable donations, Shandong teacher Wang Chuantao argues that the full refunding of donations should become common practice in China. (Chinese)
Five types of social organization can now register directly with the Suzhou Department of Civil Affairs
Xinhua News Network 新华网, October 18, 2013
Following recently announced regulation changes, five types of social organizations can now register directly with the Suzhou Department of Civil Affairs : business and economic; science and technology; charitable organizations that help disadvantaged social groups; social welfare; and social service groups. The article includes summaries of the new regulations. (Chinese)

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