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Don’t ask whether there is hope for the sector; if you join, you are the hope 别再问这个行业有无希望 你们来了,你们就是希望 By Chen Xiaoying 陈晓颖, Jinyang Net金羊网, September 8, 2013 http://politics.caijing.com.cn/2013-09-08/113272824.html
Discusses the employment prospects in the NGO field, and the urgent need for personnel. (Chinese)
Anhui Province to carry out ranking assessment for two types of social organizations 我省对两类社会组织进行等级评估 By Wang Guoliang 汪国梁, Anhui Online 中安在线, September 9, 2013 http://news.sina.com.cn/o/2013-09-09/052628166140.shtml
Beginning this month, Anhui province will assign grades from 1A – 5A to civil non-enterprise units and study associations, which will allow them to qualify for government support in the future. (Chinese)
Social organizations welcome Party volunteers 社会组织迎来机关党员志愿者 By Guan Youming 管有明, Suzhou Daily 苏州日报, September 9, 2013 http://epaper.subaonet.com/cssb/html/2013-09/08/content_54046.htm
Gusu community in Suzhou recently launched a project in which young Party members are sent to volunteer in the social organizations deemed to be the most effective and well-operated. (Chinese)
Deng Fei: Doing public interest work makes my heart pure and honest 邓飞做公益让我的内心纯粹诚实 Beijing Youth Daily 北京青年报, September 9, 2013 http://bjyouth.ynet.com/html/2013-09/09/content_8959.htm?div=-1
Profile of Deng Fei, a former journalist who has thrown himself into public interest work with notable campaigns such as “Free Lunch.” (Chinese)
NGOs shouldn’t stand on a mountaintop; they should collaborate NGO不要占山头要合作 By Wei Zhuang 卫庄, Philanthropy Times 公益时报, September 9, 2013 http://cdb.org.cn/newsview.php?id=7902
Argues for the importance of NGO collaboration in avoiding project duplication and maximizing resources. (Chinese)
Guangzhou to end controversial labor camps By Zheng Caixiong, China Daily, September 9, 2013 http://usa.chinadaily.com.cn/china/2013-09/09/content_16953203.htm All detainees in Guangzhou labor camps will have completed their sentences and be released by the end of the year, a senior judge has said. Authorities in the Guangdong provincial capital stopped approving applications for laojiao — a controversial system of re-education through labor — in March. (English)
Does public interest have “professional volunteers”? 公益有没有“职业志愿者” By Feng Yongfeng 冯永锋, Southern Metropolis Daily 南方都市报, September 10, 2013 http://cdb.org.cn/newsview.php?id=7907
Nature University founder Feng Yongfeng discusses misconceptions concerning remuneration and public interest work. (Chinese)
Environmental protection groups explore new sources for NGO funding
多种环保力量探索NGO造血新路 Southern Daily 南方日报, September 10, 2013 http://news.hexun.com/2013-09-10/157879972.html With a number of environmental groups facing funding difficulties, NGOs are seeking sustainable sources of funding (Chinese).
“Education Public Interest Organization Development Situation and Trends” Transcript “教育公益组织发展现状及趋势”研讨会速记 21st Century Education Research Institute, 21世纪教育研究院, September 10, 2013 http://www.ngocn.net/?action-viewnews-itemid-88268
Transcription of a recent forum on the work of education NGOs, with talks by  a number of representatives from the field. (Chinese)
Media and human rights education—exploring the possibility of producing news reports from a human rights framework 媒介与人权教育—探讨从人权框架进行新闻报道的可能性 By Bu Wei卜卫, Caijing, September 11, 2013 http://politics.caijing.com.cn/2013-09-11/113287811.html
The author, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Media Research Center, argues that it is important for media to incorporate a human rights framework in creating news reports. (Chinese)
Live news broadcast: Reporter investigates—Foshan, Guangdong social organizations: Government should increase the strength of its “release of power” 《新闻直播间》 记者调查:放权之后 广东佛山社会组织:政府应加大放权力度 CCTV 13, September 11, 2013 http://video.sina.com.cn/p/news/v/2013-09-11/105762896297.html
Video news clip on the progress of social organization reforms in Foshan, Guangdong. (Chinese)
Development trend analysis of listed company foundations  (2013) Summary 《上市公司基金会发展趋势分析》(2013版)摘要 Securities Times 证券时报, September 12, 2013 http://news.10jqka.com.cn/20130912/c552884044.shtml
Analysis of data concerning private foundations founded by listed companies, including distribution, spending, etc.
Social organizations flock, but how can they properly assist the government? 社会组织一拥而上 政府扶持如何做好? Southern Metropolis Daily 南方都市报, September 12, 2013 http://epaper.oeeee.com/H/html/2013-09/12/content_1932895.htm
As social organizations begin to accept government funding and participate in more extensive social service provision, there are still many concerns over the effectiveness of their operations.
Tianjin lowers the threshold for registration; four types of organizations can register directly 天津降低社会组织申请注册登记门槛 四类组织直接登记 Bohai Morning Times 渤海早报, September 12, 2013    http://tj.ifeng.com/fengyanguanjin/detail_2013_09/12/1215402_0.shtml
Tianjian will enact reforms that allow social organizations working on science and technology research, charity aid, and community service provision, as well as industry associations, to register directly with the Civil Affairs Bureau, without the additional requirement of locating a “supervising unit.”

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