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The multiple types of Chinese NGO “deaths”
By Yan Hetao 晏和淘, NGOCN, September 2, 2013
This article delineates the various ends that Chinese NGOs may meet, from lack of financial resources to lack of personnel to registration barriers, preventing the continued operation of the organization. (Chinese)
Environmental NGO has the power to humble tycoons
环保NGO 有力量让巨头低头
By Zhang Lirong, Jia Li, Li Ting 张丽荣, 贾丽, 李婷, Shanxi Evening News 山西晚报, September 2, 2013
Interview with Ma Jun of the well-known environmental NGO, the Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs, on his organization’s influence on the business world. (Chinese)
Foundation community gathers to discuss information disclosure
By Anonymous, Tencent 腾讯公益, September 2, 2013
At the Foundation Transparency and China Foundation Center Three-Year Anniversary Forum, speakers from a number of foundations discussed progress and challenges regarding transparency and information disclosure among Chinese foundations. (Chinese)
Investigation into Henan Song Qingling Foundation yields no results after two months
People’s Daily 人民网, September 2, 2013
The investigation into mysterious case involving the mysterious building and subsequent destruction of a Song Qingling statue by the Henan Song Qingling Foundation has led to complaints about organizational transparency, and the passivity of investigating agencies. (English-language Summary)
Public interest lawsuit is an important path for ensuring food safety
By Mo Jing 万静, Legal Daily 法制日报, September 3, 2013
In an interview with experts from the Central University of Finance and Economics, Nankai University Law School, Northwest University of Politics and Law, and Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, Legal Daily explores the possible application of the public interest lawsuit in attacking violators of food safety. (Chinese)
Xu Yongguang: This sector has no prospects if foundations do not collaborate with grassroots organizations
Phoenix Public Interest 凤凰公益, September 3, 2013
At the recent Foundation Transparency and China Foundation Center Three-Year Anniversary Forum, Xu Yongguang of the China Foundation Center urged foundations to collaborate with and support grassroots NGOs. (Chinese)
What are the problems facing Chinese charity?
By Lu Da 鲁达, Information Times 信息时报, September 3, 2013
Outlines three types of NGOs, the “suffering NGO,” the “prophet NGO,” and the “innovative NGO,” and describes a number of problems facing these organizations, including requirements to keep administrative fees low. (Chinese)
Social organizations “bulk up,” Pearl River Delta government “diets”
社会组织“接盘” 珠三角政府“瘦身”
Philanthropy Times 公益时报, September 3, 2013
Social organizations in China’s Pearl River delta are increasingly taking on the provision of social welfare as the local government continues to downsize. (Chinese)
A public interest experiment in vocational training for “New Migrant Workers” 
By Wang Huixian 王会贤, Philanthropy Times 公益时报, September 4, 2013
Describes a recent “New Migrant Worker Vocational Training and Social Integration Forum,” which attempted to address some challenges facing the new, younger generation of migrant workers.  (Chinese)
Bing Lin: Government procurement of social services is worth exploring
Beijing Times  京华时报, September 4, 2013
Discusses the Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau’s recent announcement that it will procure services from organizations working on protection of minors. (Chinese)
Service outsourcing: Working to prevent rent seeking
By Wang Weijian  王伟健, People’s Daily 人民日报, September 4, 2013
Perhaps in response to recent claims about insufficient supervision and information disclosure in government procurement of social services, this article looks at examples in Beijing’s Gulou District. (Chinese)
Social Assistance Law awaits groundbreaking
By Liu Wentao 刘文韬, Hunan Daily 湖南日报, September 4, 2013
Describes some issues that emerge from the currently vague structure of regulations regarding the issuance of China’s minimum livelihood guarantee (welfare) program. (Chinese)
With nothing to depend on, how can the challenges facing older migrant workers be resolved?
By Anonymous, Banyuetan 半月谈网综合, September 5, 2013
Looks at the dearth in welfare options for aging migrant workers, who must often depend only on themselves and their families in later years. (Chinese)
Chinese civil society through Ai Xiaoming’s lens
NGOCN, September 5, 2013
Covers a recent screening of documentaries by fascinating scholar and activist Ai Xiaoming.  (Chinese)
To offer more assistance to post-earthquake aid, social organizations should develop specialties
社会组织要发挥专长 为雅安科学重建作出新贡献
Ya’an Daily 雅安日报, September 5, 2013
Based on a recent investigation of social organization efforts in the Ya’an 4.20 earthquake relief efforts, researchers emphasized the importance of greater professionalization and expertise in providing disaster relief aid. (Chinese)
Obstacles and drivers of government service procurement
Southern Metropolis Daily 南方都市报, September 5, 2013 
Looks at the current situation of government procurement of services provided by social organizations in areas such as elderly care, education, and community development. (Chinese)
Auditor to monitor family planning fines
By An Baijie, China Daily, September 5, 2013
The social subsistence fee, a compulsory levy paid by families who have more children than the family planning policy allows, will be strictly monitored to prevent corruption, according to the country's top auditor.
Veterans’ network’s fundraising transparency problem; recurring issue for grassroots charity sector
关爱老兵网善款透明问题 折腾草根慈善事业
By Wen Weixin 温炜鑫, Metropolis Daily 都市时报 , September 5, 2013
One of China’s largest veteran’s organisations faces up to transparency problems after donations go missing. (Chinese)
11 Heilongjiang female lawyers oppose gender discrimination in gaokao
Yangcheng Evening News羊城晚报, September 6, 2013
Inspired by a recent report by Chinese NGO the Women’s Media Monitor Network, a number of lawyers have raised complaints about gender discrimination to the Ministry of Education. (Chinese)
When in need of rights protection, why are construction workers unable to find a union?
By Li Beifang李北方, Southern Window 南风窗, September 6, 2013
Looks at some of the significant challenges facing migrant workers, particularly construction workers, and the inadequacy of the All-China Trade Union in addressing these challenges. (Chinese)
Gay man with AIDS shares his experience: “Actually it’s not so bad”
China  Network 中国广播网综合, September 6, 2013
After an incident in which an AIDS activist’s campaign led to widespread media discussion, this article speaks with the activist about his experience. (Chinese)

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